2 comments on “Upcoming and Past Shows

  1. Hi Jim,
    Thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately our keyboardist (Herve Basset) recently passed away and we have been working a replacement into our show . We would love to perform more in the Barrie area. We may be performing in the Collingwood area in February, still to be confirmed. Check the website in the New Year to see upcoming shows.

  2. Hi,
    Why don’t you guys play more gig’s?
    I saw you guys a few times and it was great but you guys are never in our area of Barrie.
    I see you have one coming up next week but its a 2 hour drive for us.
    There are 45 bars in the Barrie area and you should look into playing at one of those places.
    Hope to see you guys somewhere soon!


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