Below is a video of Glory Days performing short clips of some of Bruce Springsteen’s biggest hits…


Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band – Glory Days

Glory Days poster

A unique six-piece ensemble, Glory Days is a tribute to an American musical icon — perhaps one of the greatest rock singers/songwriters of our time — Bruce Springsteen. This band’s lineup is exclusively composed of experienced concert musicians able to recreate some of the classic songs and performances that were, and still are, Springsteen’s trademark. This is without a doubt one of the best touring acts, one that has a Springsteen look-alike fronting the band. Add phenomenal musicianship and an infectious on-stage enthusiasm and you get the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night of pure passion and energy.

Glory Days is not content to just play the songs, they also manage to recreate an authentic Springsteen “experience” by adding the little details that put Springsteen shows and songs in a category all their own.

Glory Days will give you an arena rock-show experience unlike any other, also hoping that a younger generation will be exposed to the most influential rock music and poetry of our time.

Glory Days is not just a combination of talented musicians, it’s also a combination of Springsteen hardcore fans. It’s a family; six individuals dedicated to recreating what Bruce gave and still gives us; not just his music, but his feelings as well: joy and sadness, tears and laughter  —but before all, a sincere honesty.

As Dave Marsh wrote in his 2005 book Bruce Springsteen on Tour Bruce Springsteen isn’t a noun, it’s a verb”.  Bruuuuuuuuuce!

We appreciate feedback and comments from anyone that has come out to any of our performances.  We believe feedback from our audience helps us improve our show.  Comments can be submitted by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.  We will  respond to your comment as soon as possible.

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  1. Amazing performance last night at the private 50th birthday party. As I was telling Serge at the end of the night, I’ve never been a Bruce Springsteen fan but you made me form a new appreciation for his music and you were great to watch from start to finish :)
    I hope I have the opportunity to meet up with you again someday…

  2. WOW – We caught Glory Days at the Gananoque Rib Festival on Friday night, June 27 2014.

    My wife and I really enjoyed the music and show. All members of the band where excellent!!!

    The lead singer (Bruce look alike) has put a lot of dedication into his tribute of The Boss. Not only was his performance entertaining, it was professionally performed. He is truly a showman with a great voice and talent on the guitar. Thank you for an entertaining evening. All the best Glory Days.

  3. Just seen you guys at the Gananoque Ribfest. Had to get on here right away and tell you how great you were. I’ve seen Springsteen before and serge does a phenomenal job capturing the essence of Bruce. I’ll definitely be seeing you again. Played all the classics, did requests as the E Street Band does best and made my night very special! Ohhhhhh Fire!

  4. You guys were at our RV Park in 2011 and again in 2012. I am a huge Springsteen fan and thought you were awesome. You invited my 8 year old daughter up on stage for the Dancing in the Dark song and she (or dad) has never forgotten it. We need you back at our park in 2014. (hint – Spring Lake RV Resort!!!)

  5. hi guys
    You are amazing.. I just saw you last night in Fergus and i was REALLY impressed. I have seen Springsteen about 25 times over the years and most recently in Scotland in june. I know all the words to all the songs.. But enough about him and me..

    Your band amazed me with the setlist and the sheer playing ability of the band. playing 2 songs like Fire and Because the night that bruce gave to other people who made them famous was a bold move. Not sure too many run of the mill fans would have known those songs but most people last night did and you guys nailed them. I had watch some of the youtube video’s of you guys and was looking forward to a good show. BUT i got a great one.. really..I also liked the way you iteracted with the audience and even dragged, litteraly i think, courtney on to the stage. I was expecting to hear more top ten but i personally would rather hear the setlist you did anytime.. great job!!

    Anyway.. i do not usually write these kind of things but i really wanted you to knwo that everyone enjoyed the show completely and you guys really rock. I will definately check you out again “down the road” :)


  6. Hi Group!

    We saw you in Hamilton at the Molson Studio…you were great as always! I wish you had played longer. Keep up the good work.

  7. Herve, you guys are amazing and everyone, including myself, were thrilled by the Performance. All my Staff including Dave (The Soundman) raved about the professionalism and talent of the Band. Class all the way.

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