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  1. Great Show at Norfolk County Fair. Awesome playlist. Very interactive. Had a great time. Look forward to seeing these guys again!!

  2. Super Show !! Lead singer had Bruce down to a T!! Great musicians as well. Hope to see you back in Ottawa soon !
    From the ‘come hither’ woman in the crowd 🙂

  3. Fun great show last night at Stephen Leacock theatre in Keswick
    great to meet you and the band
    thanks for playing Rosalita for my sister
    see you further on up the road

  4. WOW! Fantastic! Had a great time tonight at the Steven Wilcox Theatre! So much energy and fun to watch! Thanks for a great time!

  5. We were lucky enough to see you on the Norweign Breakaway cruise. Im a diehard Bruce fan having seen him over 40 times. Thought the Bruce Gods were taking care of me LOL. We spoke with you guys a couple of times to say how impressed we were with your set. It’s a tight band and you all do Bruce’s music justice. Hoping to catch you in Niagara Falls Saturday, but work may have different ideas. We look forward to catching another show soon. Thanks for the best entertainment on a cruise!!


  6. Great night at Viewpoint Winery in Harrow! The band did a great tribute to an incredible artist. You are all fine musicians. Thanks for a little bit Bosstime in “my hometown”

  7. Saw you in Niagara Falls at The Seneca Queen. What a night!!
    Even got your sweaty arm wrapped around my neck for a hot sweaty selfie.
    Amazing music and energy. Truly fantastic entertainment!

  8. Just finished the 2016 burlington manor show and as always, the band rocked the house! Outstanding performance and so much fun! Thanks guys!!

  9. Saw you guys at Innisfil Summerfest. Wow, what a great show! Can’t wait to see you guys again, so much fun. Amazing watching you impersonate Bruce, you really have him down…

  10. Great show at the Manor on Saturday. Second time I’ve seen you guys and you didn’t disappoint. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

  11. hi guys
    You are amazing.. I just saw you last night in Fergus and i was REALLY impressed. I have seen Springsteen about 25 times over the years and most recently in Scotland in june. I know all the words to all the songs.. But enough about him and me..

    Your band amazed me with the setlist and the sheer playing ability of the band. playing 2 songs like Fire and Because the night that bruce gave to other people who made them famous was a bold move. Not sure too many run of the mill fans would have known those songs but most people last night did and you guys nailed them. I had watch some of the youtube video’s of you guys and was looking forward to a good show. BUT i got a great one.. really..I also liked the way you iteracted with the audience and even dragged, litteraly i think, courtney on to the stage. I was expecting to hear more top ten but i personally would rather hear the setlist you did anytime.. great job!!

    Anyway.. i do not usually write these kind of things but i really wanted you to knwo that everyone enjoyed the show completely and you guys really rock. I will definately check you out again “down the road”

    John Daly

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